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Greg Speaks Live “Where Anger Meets Comedy”

Gregory D. Anderson Jr. is a self development coach, motivator and anger management facilitator. He believes that knowledge, confidence and emotional self-control plays a valuable part in achieving success. Greg Speaks Live is the place where anger meets comedy. In a lighthearted way, Greg deals with the tough issues and drama that puts us in the opposite direction of progress in our lives and gets us back on track with laughter.

This 30 minute show airs every other Thursday 5:30pm CST or listen to the archived PODcast at

Visit Gregory D. Anderson Jr. online at
Contact Greg by email at

Greg Speaks Live presents in Season 2 on the TCR Network

What is Beast Mode? A Necessary Mindset?
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Addressing the Roots of Anger
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Have we Lost the Ability to Think?

Are You Taking Ownership or Blaming Others?

Mastering The Art Of Just Saying NO

Emotional Intelligence “0 to 100 in 3 Seconds”
Public Rants & Raves Against Leadership
What Makes You Angry? 7 Better Ways to Respond


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