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Rapp, M.D. Radio

Welcome to Rapp, M.D. Radio!

Now you can discuss your health concerns, those of your favorite entertainers, and the health awareness topic of the month with board certified Emergency Medicine physician, Kadisha B. Rapp, M.D.  Find out what Emergency Medicine physicians would tell you, if they had the time, and discuss the acute symptoms of a multitude of illnesses.

The purpose of this program is to increase public awareness of the acute symptoms of common and life threatening illnesses through discussion with a board certified Emergency Medicine physician with 12 years experience in both suburban and urban Emergency Departments.  The health and wellness discussion will often be in the context of entertainment news.

This 30 min show airs every other Tuesday 5:30pm CST or listen to the archived PODcast at

Visit Dr. Kadisha Rapp’s blogsite online at
Contact Dr. Kadisha Rapp by email at

Tune in to Rapp MD Radio with Dr. Kadisha Rapp Inter-Seasonal Episodes on the TCR Network

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Tune in to Rapp MD Radio with Dr. Kadisha Rapp in Season 2 on the TCR Network

Breaking Down Bipolar Disorder
What STDs and Social Media Have in Common
A Doctor’s View on the Healthcare Reform Act
What Our President Knows about Ovarian Cancer
A Shot in the Dark: Immunizations


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